Friday, December 28, 2012

U, V, W, ~

a month of a to z

With all my best intentions I wanted to keep up each day with posting A-Z and the holiday elving got the best of me. Little and big 'squirrel' projects came up, cookies, sewing and errands all had to be done.

upset or sad that all my grown children were not here this Christmas. But I made them promise that we would be together, here next yuletide.


our liquid amber tree just got the memo to change color and drop his leaves

Christmas is over, the wrappings are in the trash.
One of the last minute sewing projects included making a quilt top in a day and a half, whew! Now to decide on a backing and finish the embellishments. It was one of those things where my husband came into the fabric store with me saw the quilt, oohed and awed, and the sweet ladies help me gather all the fabrics. I cut that night and sewed the next day all in time to wrap it for Christmas.

wool & needle flannels by Primitive Gatherings

bits of wool

Darling daughter #4 Christmas present
And the little darling daughter is stitching up the leftover squares of fabric for the back. She is a pro.

Sorry for the late post. One more to go....

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