Friday, March 1, 2013

keeping busy ~

two more scrappy squares 
and one ready to cut
a pretty blue Canadian maple leaf
challah from Ms Hensperger's book Bread for all Seasons
substituted fiori di sicilia for the vanilla
a lovely combination of citrus and vanilla
perfect for french toast
And out of trouble...boring!

We have a quiet weekend for the first time in a month. Resting up for a birthday celebration, speech & debate and waiting for college acceptances.

It is very exciting around here lately. Well for me anyway, this past summer I made a pillowcase using a pattern from one of the blogs I follow and she asked me if it was o.k. to include my finished project on her flickr page. Geeky and weird, I know, but very cool to me!

Have a extra nice weekend

Happy March 1st

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