Tuesday, April 2, 2013

a bit of nostalgia ~

I had a craving for cake so I flipped through my notebooks of recipes and kept coming back to this yummy cake. It is written in my own hand from 1985.

As I kept reading I noticed something was missing. What size pan was I supposed to bake it in? Oh how I love the internet. I just typed in 'Betty Crocker Applesauce Cake' into the search engine, because I assumed Betty Crocker is where my mom had originally found her recipes, and up popped several variations with the same ingredients and measurements. One exception was the water and baking soda. Mine stated to combine boiling water with the soda, others have you add the soda to the dry ingredients and add room temperature water. I was bold and went with what was written.

 There are notes on my recipe card for a glaze that has lemon juice and rind, butter and confectioners sugar that none of the others had. I only remember with this lemony glaze. Perhaps my mom was being adventurous. No measurements so I had to wing it....

I had 2 frozen lemon juice cubes, added 1 TBSP butter ( although you could omit ) the juice had grated rind and added approx 1/2 cup confectioners sugar for a thick yet runny consistency. After the cake had cooled in the pan for 20 minutes, but still slightly warm , I drizzled half of the lemon glaze and spread gently. Waited another 10 minutes and repeated with the remaining glaze.

This was lunch ~

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