Saturday, May 11, 2013

16 patch ~ Part 3 cutting, flipping, sewing

Using a omnigrid 12.5"
Cut into 2.5" strips
little left over
For my first block I cut my strips 10" long and came up short when it came to cutting my 2 1/2" strips. A 10 1/2" strip gives you a little extra wiggle room without too much wasted fabric.
Flip the second and fourth strip as shown

Right sides together

Matching seams ~ this is where alternating pressing the seams comes in handy

Corners line up just right

Right sides together, stitch final seam
I pressed the seams open for the last step
finished block size 8 1/2"
19 more to go ~

So I am leaning toward making either a star or house block to alternate with these 16-patch blocks. Similar to the Lincoln Museum Quilt but I will wait till all my blocks are done.

Happy Mother's Day and have a great weekend!

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