Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The 'perfect' chocolate chip cookies ~

NY Times cookie dough into the freezer
NM copycat vs NY Times cookie dough's
into the freezer

It all depends on who you ask...
About a decade ago I was in search of the perfect... fill in the blank. Each time I went to cook or bake anything it seemed like I was starting all over, trying to find the right/perfect recipe. I went to the internet for help and while it helped, it was the stepping off point that I came into sewing and crafting again, I did find a few great recipes out there. The first was the Neiman Marcus copycat chocolate chip cookie recipe. It is like the original chocolate chip cookie with the addition of oatmeal, walnuts and shaved chocolate. Yum! 

 Historically I have made these cookies from the recipe printed on the back of the famous bag and have made dozens from a recipe found in Cook's Illustrated. Then comes my picky eater who refuses to eat anything resembling a nut, flake or bump. While sitting on my lap she wanted to find 'her' chocolate chip cookie recipe. NY Times recipe it was. Why fight it, I love them both, family and cookies. So I made a batch of each.

My method of freezing the dough is to simply scoop the dough into the portion size you normally would for your cookie sheet. I crowd mine a little to get the maximum number of dough balls onto the sheet for freezing. Once frozen I transfer the dough balls to a labeled freezer bag. 

When you are ready to bake, take the cookie dough balls out and place them onto the cookie sheet as if you were baking them. I allow mine to defrost a bit before placing in the oven. Follow your recipe for oven temperatures and baking times.

Ultimately the 'perfect' chocolate chip cookie is the one made by you for your family & friends ~

Cold glass of milk and a warm cookie. What could be better?

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