Tuesday, August 27, 2013

taking stock ~

An idea from the blog of Pip Lincolne of Meet Me at Mike's blog and author.
 She is a clever girl

a fun list to think and ponder about ~

Making : 2 quilt tops from one set of fat quarters.  just love that
Cooking : for 3 instead of 5 or 8
Drinking : Snapple half & half
Reading: A Moveable Feast
Wanting: winter
Looking: at my walls, in need of some color
Playing: chess, recorder and Quelf
Wasting: time worrying
Sewing: Barns
Wishing: the kids never grew up. Did I say that?
Enjoying: quiet
Waiting: for Thanksgiving
Liking: both traditional and modern quilting
Wondering: what will they be when they grow up
Loving: my family both near and far
Hoping: the very best
Marvelling: at how they all grew up so fast
Needing: to make bread
Smelling: coffee
Wearing: dress
Following: the dog is following me, sad puppy without his girls!
Noticing: age
Knowing: everything is going to work out just right
Thinking: over thinking what the girls need
Feeling: a sense of relief
Bookmarking: pinning art and animals
Opening: my mind to new possibilities
Giggling: alien on ceiling

How would you fill your list? It might surprise you.

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