Saturday, September 14, 2013

blossoms, buds and blooms ~

zucchini blossoms
hollyhocks buds
and cantaloupe
This is what is happening outside while I clean, sew and cook inside.

 It is a little garden. Nothing that would sustain us but gives us treats from time to time. Our favorites so far are the sun golden and red grape tomatoes. They are perfect in salads or marinated and tossed with hot pasta. And I just love having herbs in the garden to pick as you need. Mint, thyme and rosemary have been the easiest. 

We have been expanding the garden and adding more plants. We have early girl tomatoes, big max pumpkins, cantaloupe, zucchini, and will be planting broccoli, romaine and buttercrunch this weekend, whether permitting. It is a work in progress ~

The hollyhocks will grow to 5 feet high and have multiple blooms all along the stalk. This single plant just wants to bloom. The idea was to plant them, they die back and come spring, they begin to grow again and bloom. I just love the color. I have 18 plants all along the back of my garden.

Enjoying the garden no matter what it yields ~

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