Wednesday, October 9, 2013

400+ ~

Hawaiian Postcards quilt 11 x 11

stretched & taped
batting then Making Waves
400 pins to keep all three layers together
trimmed and ready to free-motion quilt

Had to move the furniture out of the dining room to make room. Because it is a rainy day here and the animals, bunnies and the dog, would not leave me nor the quilt alone, so into the dining room I went to be undisturbed. It does not look like it but this took me all day to do.

Layering, ironing and stretching, repositioning again and again till the final ironing and pinning `~

Both the top and the back of the quilt we enlarged slightly. Meaning, that each postcard is 1/2 inch larger on each side as well as the sashing and posts and the strips for the back are longer and 1/2 inch wider.

 Now to decide on a design, thread color and trim. Just in time for cooler weather! or Christmas depending on how long the quilting takes...

Happy WIP day!

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