Friday, March 14, 2014

Traveling ~

What should have taken me 20 hours or so took 32 due to fog all over the UK.

I arrived on the Isle of Man weary. A kind gentleman came to my assistance and walked me to the baggage claim after the flight. It turned out that he was a member of parliament, The House of Keys, the oldest parliament in existence. He offered us a tour and a short historical overview through the building where the laws are created. Beautiful doesn't quite describe the chambers, history and time he spent with us. I am aware that not everyone has this opportunity.

This has been my experience all over the island, pure graciousness. People take the time to stop and talk, ask questions and offer assistance. I was accompanied by my lovely host at the bed & breakfast here in Andreas, IOM. She was equally excited at the opportunity to tour the parliament, given by none other than a high level official. We went to her silk painting guild, which was around the corner and I enjoyed so very much each of the ladies and the lovely silk scarves they were painting. Done in the style of Archibald Knox, famous Manx artist. I see inspiration for a quilt. Of course.

Lastly we went over to the I Museum, where I was given a lesson on what can be found on their web-site for future genealogical research.

So many people have been kind to me on my travels. From the Aer Lingus gate agent who took pity on a tired girl such as myself, John Shimman, my husband who had to figure our what to do next from around the world and to my sweet host who made me a sandwich in her kitchen after a long journey.

I have to learned a great many things, the best and most precious is that there is kindness in the most unexpected of places. I am sincerely grateful.

This little island in the middle of the Irish Sea is a beautiful, quiet, peaceful spot. Rolling green hills with lambs and daffodils in the hedgerows. The perfect description by a generous person. Hard to believe that the famous motorcycle race, TT, takes place here.

More adventures are to come.

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