Saturday, June 21, 2014

Honolulu ~ 'not going anywhere fast'

We set out on our day with a list of work and fun. But it turned into a 'not going to get anywhere fast' sort of day. Honolulu is like a mini Los Angeles. With high rise buildings, traffic and construction all to slow you down. Our day might have one better if we would have looked at a map and planned accordingly. We went to Best Buy, CostCo, L&L Drive-inn (note the 2 n's) because it is not a Drive In, Helena's, Fabric Mart and The Calico Cat. This took us seven hours to complete. Indeed a 'not going anywhere fast' sort of day.

juicy ripe mangoes

rain storm out our window


Fabric Mart Honolulu

lot of color

L&L Drive-Inn



Modern fabrics at The Calico Cat

Hanauma Bay picture by my husband

One our way back to Kane'hoe we went the long way around the island to avoid traffic and accidents on the freeway and stopped at Hanauma Bay. Gorgeous.

Then I had a hankering for a tasty treat. We called all sorts of bakeries to see if anyone had malasadas, sad face, they were either out or back in Honolulu. Drats.

We better plan our days better.

Today is a new day ~ for malasadas


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