Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy ~

New Year!

I have decided on my 'word' for the year and I think it is "easy". Now I say I think because last year I thought I had a word and for many reasons had to follow a different word which was 'edit'. From editing closets and nooks and crannies to my thoughts it was sometimes difficult.  

Enjoy and edit have served me well and I still use them as accessory or support words. A way of checking in with myself and giving me some direction when I feel scattered or overwhelmed. Easy is not just a word to make life easier because as we all know that is simply not the case. I choose 'easy' to be easier on myself and others. A way of taking things down a knotch, so to speak. To find the joy in an easier way of doing the daily chores, interacting with people and supporting the family. I think easy might allow me to spend more time doing instead of rushing ~ we will see

My plan for the day is to make some bread, because I haven't made bread in quite a while, helping set up a trampoline and taking it easy. Oh how it works beautifully!

Have a happy easy day

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