Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WIP ~ Winter Fields quilt

wool branches and berries whip stitched
From a local shop and artist ~ The Cottage at Cardiff Farms
Darling daughter #4 and I are working on the back but the front is done. If I had it to do over again I would have not rushed to piece the top for Christmas. As you can see some of the corners are sloppy. Here is where I try out my word for the year, I will be easy on myself and know that my darling husband will enjoy it for it's warmth and thought. I feel much better now.

Now for a non sequitur ~

While on a trip to Vermont several years ago I heard a commercial or a plea on the radio, while traveling up to King Arthur Flour, that encouraged shoppers to buy local. Stating that if they wanted a mom & pop shop to continue to be in business that they should think about committing to spending 50 dollars a month to support small business. The movement is referred to as the 3/50 Project. Over the years I have taken that to heart because I too enjoy and hope that small business owners thrive.  I call local fabric stores before making the online purchase, I shop at a local women resale clothing shop and book resale-rs. It is these shops that I find treasures and unique items. I have noticed that some small chain fabric stores are now beginning to carry some of the fabric lines I see on the internet. Yea! I suppose that the reason I share this is because I would have never picked out this pattern or fabrics had I not been able to see and feel it in person. The flannels are lovely, thick and very soft. And the ladies at the The Country Loft are nice and helpful. I love nice people.

Now I am trying to make a dent in a stash of fabric that I have and the last editing was a big box of fabric that I had hidden away in a closet.Shhhh don't tell. I have chosen and cut fabric and today will see if my measurements and method translate to a quilt block....stay tuned. 
I have to move Hello Kitty off my table so I have some sewing time

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