Monday, April 15, 2013

A perfect day ~



It was gloomy and gray here at our house and with inclement weather headed our way we decided to take a short day trip to the mountains for some BBQ, pie and a hike. Once we started heading Northeast it was sunny, perfect day for being outdoors. We have driven past Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve many times on our way to Julian and Dudley's to buy bread. Today the plan was to fill our bellies, stop and buy loaves of bread and then hike 5 miles through meandering hills with an occasion creek. We enjoyed lunch while being serenaded by a troop of traveling fiddlers. It was really magical. There were fiddles, violas and violins of all sizes and two ladies flat shoe dancing. Could not have planned that better. We skipped the pie…darn it…. but stopped by Dudley's and picked up date nut raisin bread. Then headed to the trail head.

We went hiking in Santa Ysabel and our hike was cut short by a rattlesnake. No kidding …what was worse is that I had passed the big guy and he did not make a sound. My husband and darling daughter were behind me taking pictures of something and when they passed he rattled so hard that it made my daughter cry. He was right between us and what was worse is that I couldn't see him. I didn't know how I was going to reach them. My husband wanted me to go off the trail and blaze thru brush and rocks…I said 'no way man' there could be others.It took us a while to figure out the best plan and, short story, we were all reunited and on our way back to the car when there was another snake in the middle of the trail, probably a gopher or garter snake, no rattle. The weather was just perfect for snakes too!

Boy I could really use a piece of pie right now

With our hike cut short, I now had time to stop at a cute little fabric shop in was a perfect day!

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