Sunday, June 2, 2013

quilting bunnies ~

sketched bunnies ~
stitching ~
need more practice!
Quilting bunnies is harder than I least for me. The thread that my daughter picked out, which is a wonderful variegated expensive brand, kept breaking. Not to mention some of my bunnies are not pleasantly stitched, for lack of better phrasing. I am noticing that while I am free-motion quilting, the shadows from the light of the machine and room cause me to lose sight of the lines of the bunnies. arghhh! 

Pause ~ time to make a trip to the fabric store for the thread I usually work with, in a color other than white. 

We have a big week . Family coming to town, banquets to honor the girls scholastic achievements and finally graduation. Last evening we had the pleasure of attending the 71st Anniversary celebration of the Battle of Midway aboard the USS Midway. This was an opportunity offered to 20 high school students and they needed parent chaperons so I was able to attend as well. We were treated to stories of bravery, battle and  loss. It was a great reminder of the freedoms that I enjoy everyday. We enjoy an education, life without fear and our hobbies all because of those who serve our nation. It was a night to remember. 

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