Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lady Murasaki ~

quilt back for Scrapper's Delight ~
the bunny approves ~
We finally had time together and my darling daughter assembled the back of her quilt. I love the pink cotton candy colors and the softness of the flannel. She chose a green, yellow and pink variegated thread and now for the free-hand motion design. So many choices. My plan is to stitch a bunny design in the light pink and an all over design is the darker larger pink area. 

The end of the year school events have taken over our family. My husband kindly reminded me that I have not made a single cookie, cake, muffin or bread in quite some time. He continued that quilts don't taste good. This is reminiscent of what my darling daughter once said. She stated plainly one day that she wished she had a mom that made pastries and dresses instead of bread and quilts. I tease her about this. Don't I have a cute family?

Well, my darling husband went to the kitchen and began taking all the ingredients out of the cupboard that we would need to make chocolate chip cookies. I guess this was my clue to get up and make some cookies. He remained in the kitchen and was a great sous chef. Together we whipped up a batch of delicious cookies in no time.

Everyone's happy!

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