Wednesday, July 31, 2013

clever bunny ~

163 Patchwork Favorites 

Well at least I thought so ~ for a few moments

After having a up then down couple of weeks, I realized I hadn't created anything. I had almost finished the Strawberry Fields aka 'Cabbage Patch' quilt, with the exception of the end borders, because even that was causing me to be stressed. I have set that aside for now. I have leftovers from that quilt and decided what would be better than to start at the beginning of 163 Patchwork Favorites quilting book and make a couple of blocks. The book is written in Japanese with accompanying diagrams and pictures. Where better to begin that at the beginning.

I had it all planned out and thought that my math/algebra was precise and then had to reach for the seam ripper. It may seem like a 1/4" seam isn't all that much but it is everything in a quilt block. 

I love how they turned out. Pinwheel? It is a bit of a challenge to make a square without so much as a measurement of any of the pieces. Hopefully the quilts I have made in the past will help me figure out the rest of the blocks. What is great about the book, once you have gotten over the whole math thing, is that any of the blocks can be made to any size.

Whew! I feel so much better now.

Update: The translation from Japanese to English is 'Mississippi' ~ just in case you were wondering

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