Monday, August 19, 2013

Tinking ~

I learned a new word as I was knitting or un-knitting as the case was this past weekend.

Tinking, it is the taking knitting stitches out when you make a mistake. I made a big mistake, tried to correct it and made a hole and a knot. I didn't realize how big the mistake was till I was a few rows down. I was going to leave it because I can put in stitches but correcting them requires a friend to help me. So I went on the handy dandy internet and searched for knitting mistakes. I did not get it at first but then realized or read that to 'tink' is knit backwards and that was exactly what I was doing. It takes longer to take stitches out then put them in. Lesson for me was that I am much happier having spent the time to fix the knot/hole in my project than I would be if I had left it.

looks like a long is a scarf pattern from Churchmouse using self-patterning yarn

 Now to fix the last quilt square I made from the 163 Patchwork Favorites. Did you notice that the lower right square in the clown block was cut incorrectly? I did and I am sorry if it stands out. I realized it after I had cut it but had reached the end of that particular fabric. It was the result in chatting with all the ladies at the guild meeting. I am not blaming them it is entirely my fault for not paying attention. I promptly went into he fabric store portion of where we meet to see if I could find the same fabric. I could not so I made do with what I had. Which is a good principle in and of itself.

Now a new project...

I am taking my '163 Patchwork Favorite' squares and going to participate in the Bee in my Bonnet Barn Along. They are the perfect size.

Here is the first barn ~

And the silo barn ~

I really like how they turned out. Once all the pieces are cut they come together quickly. And I haven't purchased any new fabric. That makes this kinda free...right?

Happy Monday

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