Thursday, October 31, 2013

little brown stitches ~

the hole ~
iron is off ~ 
matching the fabric ~ 
matching the pattern ~
needle loaded ~
first patch using contrasting thread ~
didn't work for this quilt ~
little brown stitches ~
blends right in ~
restored ~
A rabbit, who shall remain nameless, took a liking to the quilt and started to make it her own bed. Fortunately she only made a hole in the top.

With cooler weather and watching copious amounts of hockey, it was time to patch the hole in my darling husbands quilt. Oh please do not look closely at the patchwork. I cut, assembled and stitched this quilt in two days so that it would be ready for Christmas.

You looked! 

With leftover fabric, steam a seam and small stitches it has been repaired and ready to cuddle under. My first thought was to use the same thread as was used for the berries but it just didn't work on the border. I took them out, used brown thread and I am much happier.

Time to pull out the flannel, smartwool and sweaters. Love this time of year!

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