Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Piece by Piece ~ quilt top

Modern Quilts Illustrated ~ Piece by Piece
Super secret project ~

I have been under the weather lately. A darling daughter came home from college and shared stories and her cold. But I have been hard at work, between the snuffles, on a couple of projects. 
I am using the the other half of the Sense and Sensibility fat quarter set to construct Piece by Piece. The idea is to place each quilt (Beatrix & Piece by Piece) on twin beds in one of the bedrooms. A cosmetic remodel. It entails deconstructing bunk-beds into two twins and then placing them an each side of the window. We will get a little table for under the window. We are having carpets cleaned as we speak. Then perhaps a fresh coat of paint. I may move in!
Then the super secret project. Now I hope a certain someone doesn't happen to check/read my blog. I don't think he ever does, so I won't give many details. Can you guess what it is going to be? And yes it is hanging up on the wall for everyone to see. In fact he wanders in here probably twice a day. Not a comment has been made. It is easier to make things right under their noses. 

stay healthy 

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