Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday ~ pies

Apple-Cranberry pie
Homemade evaporated milk using rice milk
mini pumpkin pies using rice evaporated milk

Pumpkin Pie for the rest of the gang
All the pies ~ hard to resist
Check and ready for tomorrow.

I had been pondering how to make pumpkin pie without the usual evaporated milk. I need a non-dairy alternative. I searched the internet and it seems you can use rice or soy milk and reduce it down to half. Most instructions called for using a crock-pot and would take six hours. I needed it sooner so I poured the rice milk into a glass bowl and heated it in the microwave for six minutes till it was boiling. I took it out and let it set on the counter while it evaporated. Repeated this about 6 times and voila! Tomorrow will be the true taste test. The mini pumpkin pies were made with the homebrew, non-dairy evaporated milk.

***Update: we tried one of the mini pies and it is very good! Now the non-dairy persons in our family have one more treat to enjoy

Tomorrow the stuffing will be made and , yes, we stuff our turkey and have never had any ill effect. Rolls will be baked, potatoes boiled and the finishing touches on the gravy will be made. Not to be forgotten opening the cans of jellied cranberry sauce. Yes we love the stuff...many apologies.

We are thankful for all we have. We are missing our family who are Eastward, working hard and studying. 

Hopefully we can all be together next year...

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