Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hike, waterfall and flowers ~


Sorry but I do not know any of the names of these flowers except for the wild orchid that pops up here and there.

daughter hiding behind a big tropical leaf

It was worth the uphill trail to cool off in the falls


A very fun hike to a waterfall. Lots of locals. Fun to chat with them. Definitely bring water and snacks for the younger hikers and possibly your suit. There are actually two places to stop and cool off. There is a swimming hole to the left about half way to the falls. Somehow we missed that one. The reward is stepping under the falls too cool down because the hike is uphill most of the way and though there is lots of shade you do get sweaty hot.

Our plan was to go to Uncle Bobo's for an early dinner late lunch but we found out the hard way that they are closed on Mondays. No ono! So we have been wanting to try Mike's Huli Huli chicken truck right off the highway here in Kane'hoe. Always have a plan "B".

dinner ~ chicken

We purchased 3 chickens, 7 scoops of rice and 7 scoops of macaroni salad and asked for extra sauce. I made a salad of mixed greens, island cucumber, tomatoes and chopped up pineapple. It was yummy. Seems like a lot of food but we had company over ~ friends from San Diego that moved here and the little girl next door. It was a fine evening. We ate, play and chatted till a heavy rain storm blew in. A great evening to end our stay here in Oahu.

Hau'oli La Ha nau
We can't leave till we properly celebrate a darling daughters birthday complete with donuts, Harry Potter movie and a new stuffed bunny. Aloha sweet daughter!

We'll be back

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