Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's an island thing~

I just realized that I have been traveling to all sorts of different islands this year. It wasn't planned. I feel grateful, happy and a little bit spoiled. Ok, a lot spoiled!

This is the vacation we planned before our impromptu trip to Oahu. We have been to Orcas Island before, about 4 years ago. It is a quaint little island in the San Juan Island chain in the Pacific Northwest. The sun set last night at around 10:30PM and fireworks aren't scheduled till 10:15. All of the is seems fine but sunrise came early this morning. I woke with the light at 6 AM. How I wanted to sleep in.

I took a walk this morning to a little cafe for a cup of great coffee at Enzo's. Along the way I saw all these pretty flowers.



Enzo's Cafe great coffee

daisy's and lavender

Today we are planning a little trip to a lake and perhaps a hike as well. 

Enjoy your day and holiday with friends and family

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