Friday, September 10, 2010

12 dresses 12 quilts

Sunday 9/5/2010

I have some catching up to do....

I have had this idea mulling about in my head. I have proceeded to make a few things without writing about them so today is the day....

I chose the moniker, 'the lazy jellyfish', because this is often how I feel, like a jellyfish in the ocean of all the things I want to do and of course the list of things I have to do. Getting pulled or pushed in many directions, I often have good intentions but my execution is weak. So the blog...

Purpose: is to keep myself on track ans somewhat accountable to those who perhaps might stumble across my blog of for those who follow it. I have a list of the 12 dresses and 12 quilts I wish to make and ultimately is makes me happy to create a thing out of fabric and to learn new techniques from each project I make.

Process: as I go through the projects I will take pictures and describe what I did and why and where I got the inspiration. I always have a lot of anxiety before beginning a project, before making the first cut of the cloth and before the first few stitches/seams.

Projects: the list is long...12 dresses and 12 quilts...I do not know if this is too big for me but I will try to apply a theory I have come across and adapted to fit my needs. That is if I work a little bit at a time that eventually it will get done. I will post the list of projects soon.

Plan: I would like to accomplish all of this in a year...that being said, the holidays are coming!

I began in August where I made the' Ice Cream Social" dress (completed 8/8/10) and a pinwheel dolly quilt (8/21/10). I took pictures, documenting my process and progress. So I will post those pictures and thoughts soon because I would like to participate in the "Jumprope" sew-along and possibly the the Fat Quarterly" quilt along (which begins tomorrow, I think). I am also needing to finish a t-shirt quilt, made up of shirts I have collected form trips to Kauai.

So if you have come across this blog, I hope you enjoy it, are inspired to start or complete a sewing project or learn something from the many blogs I search who have taught me the techniques I will mention. I promise to always reference the blogs and sites that have shared so much of their talent.

Happy Creating!

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