Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Adventures with bunnies ~

We had a wild hare, so to speak, and decided that it would be economical to purchase a whole bale of timothy hay thus reducing the number of trips to purchase small amounts of hay. It was yesterday that we were all together in my darling husband's Chrysler after enjoying a nice lunch and catching up, that we decided to check out a hay & feed store. After seeing the bale of hay we looked at each and thought, 'sure it will fit in the trunk'. I was laughing as we stuffed the trunk full of hay. What a mess but we have about 4 months of hay. 

Next time I will be taking the mommy van.

Now for my WIP ~

More bunny blocks finished
I now have a method and they are going together faster. Can't wait to have enough to see what it might look like as on quilt top. I love having a way to use my scraps.

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