Sunday, January 6, 2013

January bread ~

White Fog Bread with Quinoa and Honey
I have been wanting to make this bread for some time now. A couple of things were holding me back. Couldn't find cold-pressed sesame oil, had never had quinoa and the book of recipes is divided into months and this yummy loaf is in January, so how could I possibly make it in June? 

I substituted vegetable oil for the 'cold-pressed sesame oil', cooked the quinoa and still there were bits of rocks or sand in the leftover quinoa I tasted and it is January, yea! I found the book in a used book store and I really enjoy her recipes, they are easy to follow and every one has come out fabulous. I was convinced that my family would not like this bread but as it turns out they love it. No one has found any bits of sand, it is a chewy moist loaf and it is perfect toasted with jam. The reason for the deep creases is that you divide the bread dough into 3 sections to break apart and give a section to your fisherman husband. How sweet is that. 

Next on my to-do list is a date nut raisin bread using Peter Reinhart's books.

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