Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prom ~ dress #1

side seam

$1.72 shoes

This is what I have been doing, refitting a dress for my darling daughter. I am a quilter not a seamstress. I do not know what made me think I could do it, fearless or silly? I watched many videos, read blog posts and then decided, that if after I took out the 2 sides seams and couldn't get it back together, at least a seamstress would only have half the work to do.

I went slow and examined every detail as I took the stitches out. Measured and then measured again. Started to sew the first seam and my sewing machine seized. I freaked and starting sweating. Tried to start sewing again and the machine seized again but louder this time. I had bent a needle 90 degrees on a bead. With a brand new needle and watching the placement of every bead, it is back together in one piece, the sewing machine and the dress.

We went shoe shopping last night. Sale rack at DSW with a 10 off coupon the shoes came to 1.72. I am so happy. The Senior year of high school is expensive. Who made the decision to have college applications and associated fees, cap & gown, pictures, Prom, grad night all in the same short period of time. 

Not complaining just be forewarned.

So my other darling daughter's dress fits just right! We still have shoes to shop for. Saturday is the day of the dance and we have make-up hair and pictures. Maybe this is getting us pre-prepared for weddings in the future...So many memories

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