Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year ~

Still and always...maybe my one little word for 2014
found on pinterest
New Year's is here and a new 'word' must be found. I have silently adopted the 'One Little Word' approach for myself instead of making a New Year's Resolution. One word can be powerful. My past words were, Enjoy, Edit & Easy and in that order. I noticed that they all began with the letter E, weird. This year I am thinking it will be 'learn'. I have a list of things I want to learn, need to learn and would be great to learn. I find that once I choose a word I find other meanings and applications. That is one part of the journey.

So may the macaroons, biscuits and sponge cake be tasty. May the free-motion quilting be easier. May I find new inspiration for dinners for my family and friends. May I be a more concise and interesting blog writer. And most of all, may my list grow. I do like to learn, it makes life an adventure!

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