Thursday, January 2, 2014

week 4 ~ holiday challenge

Wrapping up my journey through the Holiday Challenge ~

share a toast ~ I don't know when it started but my husband & I always toast to something when we are at a restaurant.

inner child ~ We have been playing hide & seek and now that there are nerf guns in the house, no one is safe

leave the dishes in the sink ~ I have been leaving the dishes in the sink because I have been doing copious amount of cooking. My darling husband and sometimes the teenagers have been washing like mad things.

pamper your kids ~ making sure that the sick one's have tissue, tea, orange juice and are resting. Good thing we have quilts in the house!

under the mistletoe ~ Everyday we greet each other in the morning, when saying goodbye and when we return home we greet again with hugs and kisses.

make space for what matters ~ I have stopped what I was doing to listen & help whoever has asked.

dwell in possibilities ~ I look forward to the New Year and all that is has in store. Very exciting

The 28 days are over and it was a pleasure each day, even when it was something different

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