Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Frugal ~

My head is out of the clouds, for now and I am back to a somewhat normal routine. You know the one, sew, sew ,sew, maybe a little housework, squirrel, back to sew. Oh yea, I forgot about the important one on the minds of my family, 'what's for dinner' because fabric doesn't taste good. But it sure does look good.

Some may call it obsessed, I call it frugal. Okay, obsessed. I have not gotten tired of a single scrap of Liberty fabric. I have my HST's on top for the Liberty Stars quilt, bookmarks backed with used color catchers (I knew I kept them around for a reason), a passport pouch and the triple-zip pouch. I have a little pile of scraps for more little things. Luggage tag!

What is even nicer is that when I look at my collection I am constantly reminded of all the good times. I see the crafty people who lend me a zipper, the trips we have taken as a guild and laughed at each others shopping pile and not to be forgotten the talented quilters who share their tutorials. 

I am sure we could do it alone but what fun would that be? 

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