Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Did you know?

Now that I am back from a trip abroad to see beautiful people and places, I have new fun facts to share with you all. And a few of my favorite photos.

Currently the Isle of Man is sending over their precious bees in the hopes that they might help in repopulating our depleting population of bees. One day there might be Manx bees flying around the US.

It  is not conclusive but the Manx Log Cabin or roof pattern which originated on the Isle of Man might have been the precursor to the log cabin block. Ideas are brewing.Getting out my scraps.

The Star of India, an iron ship sitting in the San Diego harbor, was built in Ramsey Harbor, IOM. Her first name Euterpe. Field trip

A famous motorcycle race is held annually on the Isle of Man. The population of the island almost doubles for the two week event. The unassuming roads of the Isle of Man become a race track. I don't even know if the riders are able to enjoy the beautiful countryside.

Some of my favorite movies were filmed on the island. Miss Potter, On a Clear Day and Waking Ned Devine.

Small but significant is the Isle of Man. Kind people with big hearts. Where cell phones and technology abound and TT competitors leave notes for the faeries.

All the best

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