Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Last day in London ~

I stayed at the wonderful Rhodes Avenue B&B in London and enjoyed fresh made strawberry jam from Haya's mother. It came all the way from Jerusalem. So tasty!

For those who like to travel and go to craft shows, there is a large one that takes place in Alexandra Palace just around the corner from here. I gather it is quite large and wonderful. People from all over the world come. Who knew?

I walked long Albert Road to Durndford Rd to the Piccadilly tube line.

Got off the tube at Islington and walked around a very nice area of London.
Notice the Wifi and telephone signage?

Colorful shop fronts.

Till I reached Loop tucked in the cutest alley.

two floors of yarns

Lunch just down the way at Ottolenghi

Then once again to Liberty of London to do some serious shopping

Chandelier hanging down 3 floors

Tea services and plates

4th & 5th floors

Non Liberty items. Wish I could bring these beauties home.

A variation of this sign is found all over London. Not one person can say they forgot. This one I found as I was descending a beautiful staircase.

6 Floors of Liberty.

Out the back door or entrance through to the chocolate room.

And back through the tube.

Yes I purposely did not take any pictures of my purchases. 

Tomorrow an early morning to fly to Dublin, then JFK and finally San Diego. The best adventure I have traveled by myself. Something I had never done before. I am glad I did because the people I met and experiences I had would have been completely different. Next time I will be bringing the family or perhaps an all girls fabric shopping trip. Who knows. Thanks for traveling with me!

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